Around the World INTERPRETCAN is a national organization with associates around the world to serve you wherever you hold your meeting or event, whether bilingual or multilingual, national or international, in Canada or abroad. We always endeavour to hire first local professionals where and when they are available, before bringing in additional resources from the nearest location, if necessary.

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What is a Certified Conference Interpreter?
 The conference interpreter is a specialist in communication between people and cultures. The role of the interpreter is to convey the content of a spoken message from one language into another. Conference interpretation is used extensively across Canada by business and government, at conventions, sales meetings, training sessions, board and committee meetings, annual meetings, press conferences, etc.

 The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) is the only professional association in Ontario empowered by law to confer the title of "Certified Conference Interpreter". To obtain the title, a conference interpreter must pass a national examination or present equivalent credentials. (Court interpreters are a separate profession and receive a separate certification also conferred by ATIO.)

 Conference interpreters are bound by the ATIO Code of Ethics (with provisions for impartiality and professional secrecy) and the Professional Practice Conditions for Conference Interpreters (which detail requirements for optimal service, such as preparation, team size and technical equipment). These safeguards are your guarantee of excellence and quality.

There are two forms of conference interpretation:

 Consecutive interpretation, used for small discussion groups and in negotiations (where the interpreter speaks after the speaker);
simultaneous interpretation, the most frequently used form (where the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker, usually through electronic equipment), offering immediate communication in as many languages as required.
Interpreters work in teams. The number of professionals depends on the workload: for example, three for a normal working day at a bilingual meeting. ATIO guidelines on team size, established over many years of professional practice, ensure optimal quality in a highly demanding work environment.

 The technical equipment needed for simultaneous interpretation a soundproof booth, headsets, microphones must be of a quality to permit good interpretation and proper hearing conditions for the audience. Although interpreters and technical staff work in close cooperation, their requirements are very different and it is generally advisable that separate arrangements be made for each type of service.

What is a Certified Translator?

 Translators are professional communicators who use the written word to bring cultures and people together. With their in-depth knowledge of language, their extensive training and their specialized resources, they convey the essence of a message in another language, focusing on the author's priorities: precision (for technical or legal documents), impact (for promotional or business writing), special terminology (for internal communications), etc.

 For a guarantee of excellence and integrity in translation, look for the title of Certified Translator. The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) is the only organization in the province mandated by law to confer this certification. All those who hold it undertake to uphold our Code of Ethics, which includes such provisions as confidentiality of client information. This title is your best assurance of quality.

 Some translators are employed in the public or private sector. Over time, they acquire expertise in their organization's business and often become valued resources. Many ATIO members are staff translators, whose employers encourage them to join our ranks in order to benefit from the resources and networking the Association offers. Indeed, most governments and a growing number of companies in Ontario require ATIO certification as a condition of employment.

 Other translators work independently, in fields ranging from automotive to finance and from law to marketing, and in over 50 language combinations including French and English (the most common) as well as Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others. You can find all of them in our directory of members (available from the ATIO Secretariat in print version as well as on our web site at

 By using certified professionals, you benefit from services specially designed by ATIO for our members' clients, such as ATIO's model translation contract and arbitration service, and our effective, targeted job posting service which allows you to reach all of the province's Certified Translators. In addition, many members subscribe to comprehensive professional liability insurance through the Association.

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