Comprehensive Professional Service

INTERPRETCAN provides comprehensive interpretation services. All you have to do is give us a few minutes of you time, outlining the make-up, purpose, numbers of participants and languages of your event. INTERPRETCAN will take care of everthing else; advice on minimizing cost, the development of a complete plan, a budget to meet all your interpretation needs, recruiting of interpreters, contracts, etc...

INTERPRETCAN also offers expert translation services for all pre- and post-event written materials, including agenda, position papers, reports, minutes and can also be provided by internet, diskette or hard copy.


Translation Services
                                 We don't just translate words. We translate meaning. We give you confidence
                                 that you will not make cultural mistakes when communicating anywhere in the

Web Site Localization
                                 Preparing a web site for other countries involves much more than just
                                 translating the words. It involves the selection of meaningful images, sensitivity
                                 to local cultural standards, conversion of references to your culture into
                                 appropriate references to the reader's culture. Humor is the most difficult
                                 localization task, and we do it superbly.

Interpretation Services and Equipment
                                 Whether it's an international conference, business meeting with your overseas
                                 partners, or a visit of a foreign delegation, GLS can help. Our interpreters are
                                 among the most skilled in the world and available to you when you need them.
                                 We also rent and sell simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Multilingual DTP
                                 Don't just translate the words in your brochures and newsletters. Transform them
                                 into highly focused tools of communication blending words, imagery and
                                 calls-to-action. Not a trivial task, but we do it well... every day.

Translations for 50+ languages and can be utilized the following types of documents:

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